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Key Features of the XRS Platform

Onboard Technology Has Evolved

Adoption of mobile devices is a force that cannot be stopped. Fleets of all sizes are looking for innovative ways to embrace these devices and keep pace with their drivers who are bringing their own advanced devices to work.

Electronic Hours of Service: 395.15 Compliant Electronic Driver Logs

Time Clock: Time tracking for HOS and non-HOS drivers

Driver Vehicle Inspection Report (DVIR): Automated, compliant vehicle inspections

International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA): Automated fuel tax reporting makes IFTA as easy as “Print, Sign, Send”

Performance Reporting: Capture and analyze vehicle & driver data

Driver Scorecards: Rank drivers on speed, MPG, idle and safety scores

Asset Tracking: Real-time vehicle location and utilization

Forms-Based Messaging: Flexible form creation for driver communication

Proof of Delivery: Image, signature and barcode capture for capturing delivery information

XRS Solutions

Applications Overview

HOS Compliance

Drivers need to keep current on their Record of Duty Status in order to comply with Hours of Service requirements from FMCSA. Paper-based records leave room for error, while not keeping a fleet up to date with current field operations.

Electronic logs allow drivers to quickly and accurately automate this record-keeping requirement utilizing the mobile devices in their hands.


Fleetview provides your team with easy access to critical fleet management data. From one screen you can easily see where your vehicles are, where they were, where they are going, and how many hours they have available. It provides near real-time status of your trucks, including drivers and sites.

You can find assets on a map and their motion state, with road, aerial, and bird’s eye views with real-time traffic.

Automated Fuel Tax Reporting

IFTA reporting is a major administrative burden for fleets. Accurately collecting all miles driven across state lines, administrative personnel manually transcribing driver trip reports, and then sending in forms to the proper state authorities all contribute to this laborious process.

Omnitracs XRS provides state-by-state mileage tracking and online fuel purchase entry, import, and tracking to automate the fuel tax reporting process (IFTA & IRP).

Driver Vehicle Inspection Report

Omnitracs XRS provides a convenient way to record vehicle inspections, eliminating paper reports while fulfilling the requirements for FMCSA’s 396.11.

The Driver Vehicle Inspection Report (DVIR) includes a checklist on your mobile device, enabling real-time reporting while truck issues are documented. Drivers can easily complete inspections, make comments on defects, review and sign off on repairs, and submit the complete reports to the host system.

Smart Forms

Smart Forms allow fleet managers, dispatchers, routers, and safety managers to easily communicate critical information such as arriving and departing shippers, proof of delivery, incorrect deliveries, and even provide on-the-spot invoicing. The business needs are nearly endless, and the overall return on investment is significant.

With Smart Forms, issues often associated with free form text or email messages — such as misinterpreting or losing information — are reduced, or even eliminated.

Other Services

Omnitracs XRS provides a complete portfolio of services to help you meet government regulations and manage your fleet efficiently. Critical Event Reporting and Trip Management are just a few of the many services offered in the platform.

XRS Relay EOBR Solutions

XRS EOBR Solutions

Omnitracs XRS Relay

Omnitracs XRS Relay


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