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Flex allows fleet managers, dispatchers, routers and safety managers to easily communicate with drivers.

Fleets need to have standardized ways to communicate between dispatchers, fleet managers, safety mangers and drivers. With free form messages, often through text messages or email, critical business information can be lost and the process is largely inefficient.

Beyond simple communication, fleets want to share critical information such as arriving and departing shippers, proof of delivery through signature capture, identifying over, short or damaged deliveries, and even on the spot invoicing. The business needs are nearly endless, and the overall return on investment can be tremendous.

FLX allows fleets to focus on the analysis and design of business processes in their company. Where you can be more efficient, save money, communicate more effectively


  • Paperless workflow with FLX removes the pain and lower the cost of doing business. Replace paper processes and the movement of paper within an organization
  • FLX allows fleet managers, dispatchers, routers and safety managers to easily communicate with drivers with information that matters to the fleet.
  • Eliminate phone calls, hard written notes, and quick text messages and allows you to build workflow that matters.
  • Build custom form sets that can be leveraged by 3rd party or custom built applications
  • Automated messaging with limited driver interaction for critical workflow steps.
  • Faster invoicing
  • Overall better customer service and customer communication
  • Better perception of drivers and field workers, enabling them with top of the line technology
  • Reduction in back office personal needed to transcribe handwritten driver notes

Sample Forms

Sample forms include, but are certainly not limited to:

  • Data collection
  • Load assignments
  • Check calls and order status
  • Route planning
  • POD forms including bar code scanning, signature and image capture
  • OS&D validation
  • Many other functions that carriers need monitored or tracked
  • Accident or damage reports
  • Breakdowns
  • Document scanning
  • Picture capture for deliveries or damages

Flexible Form Features

  • Inbound forms based message from driver to dispatch
  • Outbound forms based message from dispatch to driver
  • Drag and drop forms creation engine
  • Form categories allowing users and drivers to organize types of forms
  • Alerts based on form logic
  • Form triggers such as driver login, driver logout, stop arrival and stop departure
  • Scheduled stops include automated auto arrival and departure based on geo-codes
  • Automated forms for requesting real time vehicle or driver data without driver interaction. Inbound automated forms are sent but not displayed to the driver. This can include date, time, location, fuel, motion state, HOS status, odometer, and more.
  • Ability for driver to use pinch and zoom form factor with familiar QWERTY keyboard
  • Barcode, image and signature capture from the mobile device
  • Document scanning using a high resolution camera from the mobile device.
  • Multi-page forms for drivers, streamlining interaction with the device
  • Sending images and documents to drivers (e.g. Permits)
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