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Driver Performance and Fleet Operations Monitoring

The operational costs of trucking are high, and no matter what type of fleet you have, margins are thin.

XRS provides fleets managers the tools they need to measure, monitor, coach and improve driving behavior. Driver performance reporting in XRS includes:

  • The XRS Fleet Performance Dashboard focuses on metrics designed to improve a fleet’s overall performance.
  • Fuel analysis: a high level report and dashboard displaying driver, vehicle and organizational metrics for MPG, Idle (and fuel), speeding.
  • Users can drill into insight on idling for a stop by stop location, arrival time, stop duration, engine run time, idle time, idle fuel, PTO time, PTO fuel.
  • Speeding reports for driver, vehicle and organizational metrics based upon exceeding a configurable maximum speed for a configurable grace time. Rapid speed changes are uncovered highlighting possible incidents
    of unsafe driving.
  • Trip reporting for all stop locations, arrival times, stop durations, delays and times, all drive segments, miles, fuel consumed. Get the full picture of where your drivers are spending their time each day.
  • An operational profile with performance by speed bracket which provides insights into brakes per mile, progressive shifting patterns, idle wear, brakes per mile and progressive shifting patterns.

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Vehicle Performance Monitoring

The XRS Performance Application provides reporting related to vehicle performance, allowing fleet managers to understand their assets in the field. Sample reporting includes:

  • Fuel economy reporting including idle times and MPG by truck.
  • Operation profile and summary reports by vehicle and vehicle group that includes detailed fuel analysis data in configurable speed buckets for viewing brakes per mile, progressive shifting patterns, and idle engine wear.
  • Utilization reporting which show which vehicles are underused.
  • Engine Fault Code Reporting which display supported fault codes, location and time, description, and count; summarize frequency of fault code for each and all vehicles.

Vehicle Performance Monitoring

Black Box Accident Reconstruction

Fleet managers and drivers need to fully understand the status and location of a truck after a critical event, such as a sudden deceleration caused by an accident, or a hard braking event. Through investigating these critical events safety managers can provide coaching to drivers, or provide evidence on what happened during the most critical events.

The XRS Black Box Detail Report is used to display second by second speed, direction, RPM, Throttle, Brake, Cruise and Clutch around a hard brake event.

  • Gives fleet managers and drivers full insight into what happened during critical events.
  • Easily identify, at a fleet view level, which drivers are triggering critical events for corrective action.
  • Gives safety managers a tool for driver coaching and audit support.
  • Provides data necessary for accident reconstruction.
  • Quickly displays complex data sets in a map and report view, allowing for information to quickly be uncovered.

Driver and Fleet Scorecards

Drivers have the most critical impact on the overall operation of a fleet. By finding (and keeping) the best drivers, while consistently coaching the bottom performers, fleets can quickly add to their bottom line. Fleets need a quick way to fairly and accurately build a scorecard for that ranking.

The Scorecard Report is used to measure the relative performance of both drivers and fleets within a company.

  • Increased insights into performance metrics throughout the fleet, leading to fuel, labor, and equipment savings.
  • Dashboard views allow for high level view into the fleet with the ability to quickly get to root cause.
  • Combination of driver, vehicle, and HOS Violation metrics allow for one view into various metrics.

Scorecard by Organization

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XRS EOBR Solutions

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