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Using the Geotab and Whip Around software platforms can help you drive efficiencies throughout your fleet operation.

Keeping your fleet safe and compliant on the road is reliant on operational efficiency, asset maintenance and team dynamics. Winning companies invest in the right tools, processes and relationships to keep their fleets healthy and cost effectively running.

Whip Around’s fleet maintenance and management platform combined with GeoTab’s telematics software provides a partnership experience for Fleet Managers and their teams that is:

• Quick and easy to get up and running
• Incredibly user friendly and intuitive for you and your team
• Customizable to suit your specific fleet’s requirements
• Secure, accurate technology you can rely on
• One view of your fleet maintenance in one place

Whip Around takes fleet maintenance and management to new heights. It streamlines processes, enables your team to manage their compliance responsibilities, provides you with full visibility and control, and improves the uptime of your vehicles and equipment.

The Whip Around USA Fleet Services Partnership

How GeoTab and Whip Around Work together

The two-way integration syncs assets, data, mileage, locations and engine faults onto one platform delivering a holistic view of your fleet’s maintenance that doesn’t break your existing workflows.

>> Engine hours and odometer readings are automatically synced and trigger mileage reports and maintenance schedules.

>> Alerts notify you if vehicles are on the move with active faults or without inspections recorded

>> Drivers access the Whip Around app from within GeoTab Drive to report their inspections

>> Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC) and engine faults are emailed to you, with work orders are easily generated and sent to mechanics for fast repairs

Whip Around’s fleet maintenance software is used by leading global companies in trucking and logistics, delivery and distribution, construction, oil and gas, waste and commercial industries. Customers leverage the Whip Around USAFS partnership to ensure unsurpassed performance of their fleets.

Whip Around Offers
• Inspections & DVIR Compliance
• Defect managements
• Preventative maintenance schedules
• Work orders
• Parts and inventory
• Driver and asset documents
• Dashboard Insights
• Reporting

With 24/7 live customer support we’ve got you covered so you can focus on what really matters.

To get in touch with Whip Around, send us your details and we’ll get hold of you.

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