What Features are Critical as You Choose a Camera System For Your Fleet

To get maximum value from the technology, ask how the camera or video solution addresses the following areas:

• Connectivity and ability to easily communicate and transfer video data
• Sufficient Storage to ensure that the events you want to capture are there when you need them
• Platform/Telematics Integration and Video Management

There are many exciting and complex choices out there. To help you with your process, we’ve decoded some of the different fleet camera system features. But, remember that the best camera solution for your fleet doesn’t need to have everything — just the features that meet your specific needs.

AI Camera
Artificial intelligence (AI) is used in some fleet camera solutions to analyze video content for unsafe driving behavior. In cameras where the AI is embedded in the camera or recorder device, it can be used to audibly coach the driver in real-time in instances of tailgating or possible collision, lane departure, distraction (cell phone use), and other unsafe conditions.

Continuous Video Capture
Continuous video capture means that the fleet dashcam is on and recording if the vehicle is in operation. Depending on the camera, there is typically a limit on the number of hours recorded, such as one or two days of on-board storage. A benefit of continuous recording is that the camera is on to record events whenever they occur. Solutions with continuous recording will also typically include a browsing option to help users search for the content they are looking for.

Event-based Recording
All of our cameras can be set up to record any custom Geotab exception (Or AI Camera Event) and upload the event directly to the cloud. This feature provides the flexibility to capture events that are important to you without needing to search through files of video to find them.

If you manage drivers who work at night, you might need a camera that works in the daylight and also when it’s dark. Cameras with infrared (IR) sensors, also called night vision, can record in the dark, providing video or images in black and white.

Live streaming allows the fleet manager to see what the cameras are viewing as it happens, in real-time, from any particular vehicle they choose. Live monitoring can be useful, for example in monitoring an emergency to gain situational awareness.

On-demand Video Retrieval
On-demand video retrieval is ideal when you want video only related to a specific time, place or event that needs further investigation. Video on-demand empowers Fleet Managers to wirelessly retrieve video footage in real-time to help mitigate risk.

Integrated with your Geotab Telematics
Integrating cameras or video with Geotab telematics is a huge time-saver. You can avoid the hassle of jumping in and out of multiple software apps and instead have one central place for your data, tools, insights and videos, so you can view and manage your video in your existing fleet dashboard.

USA Fleet Solutions (USAFS) is your 1-Stop resource for Fleet DashCams. Whether you are just at the beginning stages, or deep int your camera research, we can help. USAFS has watched the dashcam market evolve and has trialed or tested many of the systems currently available. We know what to look for, and the questions to ask. We can help you as you decide on the type, placement, technology (AI or Not), and specific camera models.

But more importantly, we can show you the camera solutions that will smoothly and easily integrate with your Geotab Telematics system. For any questions about cameras, please call or email David Crumbley, Regional Accounts Manager – (775) 525-2381 David@USAFleetSolutions.com

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